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2015 Year in Review

The hobby has grown too damn large for me to reliably keep track of (dangling participle). For every shout-out I’d give games like NERO Mass for running a 150+ attendee National Event or Madrigal for concluding a 16 year plot-arc, I’d probably overlook Mythical Journeys contribution as a key entry-point into the hobby as a whole or Dystopia Rising’s 17 event season (ok, it’s more like 12…but that’s a LOT of events).

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2014 Year in Review

Community wise, 2014 started out on the right foot with the folks from Be-Epic (which runs 2nd Dawn and Steam and Cinders 2) hosting the 1st Annual LARP Forum at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown, Massachusetts. This event, the first to draw unrelated groups from across the New England spectrum together since Ben Becker ran an outdoor LARP Con in New Hampshire about 10 years ago

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2014 – The Rising Champions

Winged Throne, the collective behind the Prophecy series of events, brought Future Imperfect under their umbrella from the Mythical Journeys team and has been going strong ever since. Covenant continues to draw players from as far away as Maine, and once again the one-shot Lovecraft’s Legacies event was an unparalleled success! It’s even rumored that more than a handful of players survived this event, although I don’t really believe them. They’re all probably all possessed by Mi-go or something.

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