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Latex Weapons at an Event

As mentioned before, we both needed shields. In fact after reviewing numerous sites, I found none that really stood out. Because of the set patterns, you either find a shield that perfectly fits your concept (Elves and Paladins, it seems are well off) or you’re left with a tiny wooden buckler looking thing, as if you’d suddenly been surprised during a dinner and run outside with a wooden trencher to defend your home and honor.

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Latex Weapons – Unboxing

The sword looked cool. It *felt* cool. I looked good holding it, it looked good being pretend-scabbarded at my side. And then Xephyr hit me in the neck/back/shoulder/hip with the giant head of a giant goddamn mace that was, I kid you not, more than a foot in width and covered in spikes because fuck you, NPCs.

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