A place to record the larps of yore. Most of these we’ve attended. The Vahalla of Larping!

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Ended 2017


Fifth Gate


Clockwork Skies – An epic steampunk game set in a world where nations exist on islands that float above in the sky. Many aspects of the world have been designed so that they are relatable to history or the world we know in some way.  Accelerant larp system.

Echoes of the Zone is set in a future after a devastating war that pitted humanity against their robot servants. This is the successor larp to After The Fall.

Lione – The Crusades – Five years ago, the modern age ended, and magic has returned to the world. As technology failed and science gave way to mysticism, civilization was on the brink of collapse. The Gods, once thought to be nothing but stories, have begun to speak once again. We have npc’d this game – fun!

Legendary Library – a world between worlds where the greatest stories of the universe come to life side by side. Whether you create a new character or bring one from another LARP, you will have the expirience of a hero transported across dimensions to a new strange world.

Occam’s Razor – modern fantasy/cyberpunk/horror game filled with psychics, toxins, genetic experiment races and modern hacks. Regions from all around the world are represented, but in a dark horror filled version. We have not played this game yet, but it seems nifty! Accelerant larp system.

Outpost – Early September 2014 was the first day of the Collapse. The sky turned red, natural disasters occurred all over the planet, and most of India sank into the ocean. Communications with Australia were immediately lost.


Ended 2016


Prophecy Returns


Arcane –  Adventures for the Emerald Leaf Trading Company with an unusual  ‘learn skills in game’ rule system & latex weapons only. We pc’d this game. It’s an expensive & interesting experiment. We recommend npc’ing if you want to try it.

Ascendant– set in two separate worlds, with different themes, characters, and situations. Following the aftermath of a great war. Once each year the heroes of each world are confronted with each other. Accelerant larp system.

Cottington Woods–  A high fantasy larp with a deep fairytale setting. Never, never land and Far Away can be found on the map, as well as four major Kingdoms: Hearts, Spades, Clubs & Diamonds. Each has a rich history, likes and mythos. Set in the woods and based around stories, survival, magic and mystery, Cottington Woods looks to be an excellent game. We have yet to play this game, but have heard very good reviews! Accelerant larp system.

Kyranthia – a world filled with magic & monsters, swords & sorcery, fortune & fame.  Will you answer the call of good  or will you join the forces of the Shadow Lord. A fantasy world full of adventure and quests, crawl through dungeons and catacombs.  Battle beasts and villains gaining glory (and gold!) We’ve npc’d this game and it is a Nero variant.

Numina – A High Fantasy Game of Exploration, Conflict, and Intrigue. Welcome to Fortune’s Bend, the new and exciting addition to the Mercurian Empire and the continent of Rues. With a very wide range of races, many headers and many cultures to choose from. We pc’d this game. Accelerant larp system.

Second Dawn A postapocalyptic larp with hidden in caches of ancient technology where you can test your bravery in the wastes. You’ll meet scavengers, scoundrels and warriors. The hopeful come seeking the future of humanity in shadow of the looming radio tower.” We pc this game – fun & welcoming

Shadows of Amun 2016 a horror adventure game set in 1918 Egypt.  It has been inspired by Indiana Jones, Casablanca, and maybe a little HP Lovecraft.  We can promise you that nothing in this game is as it appears on the surface. We have yet to play, but it looks interesting! Accelerant larp system.

Steam & Cinders 2 – Monarchs, airships, posh fashion and technological warfare, with apothecaries & adventures abound. Explore this modern(ish) take on a colonial feel of exploration with a dash steampunk technology.

Zombies: Aftershock – Zombies: Aftershock! is running as an episodic LARP.  One event will run per year, and each event can be played as a one-shot, or as a continuing campaign (if your character survives).  Much like a movie trilogy, each event is designed to stand on its own.

Ended 2015

Madrigal 2– Welcome to Shadowfane! Home to the bravest of adventures from elves to humans, followers of the pantheon of gods to Druids. Creatures of the woods both foul & fair, plus an assortment of hobgoblins & undead often roam the lands. Running since 1998 it has one of the most detailed & well thought out history of all larps. We are on staff. Recommended for new & experienced larpers alike. Accelerant larp system.

Ended 2014

Covenant -An Expedition into the Unknown. The tribes of the Covenant have lived in self-imposed isolation for many generations, but now their very prosperity is driving them out into a world that they no longer understand. Brave folk of all kinds will be needed to explore the old lands and carve out a new place in this forgotten world. Highly recommended for larpers of all abilities, especially as an introduction to larping.

Isles– each world or Isle, is governed by its own laws of Magic, Technology & Psionics. The empire began expanding and no world is more intriguing than Asylum. Seventy years have passed since the Imperial Colony was founded & slowly the frontier is advanced. We npc this larp. We recommend it as the most accessible larp in the New England area.

Mirror, Mirror 2009 – 2014 You are invited to revisit a beloved or familiar character. Somewhere, somehow your character has been drawn through a mirror into a Mirrorway into this new world. To some this new place will be utterly unfamiliar. Others might see familiar aspects of their past in the lands beyond. A great larp to bring in a character from another game. The perfect place to use all your collected costuming and a really hard core fighting & rp game. We play this game as Germanic fighters. Excellent for taking a character from a previous game or tabletop & giving it new life, also great for npc’ing. Recommended for players of all abilities.

Ended 2013 & Older

Aralis1 & 2- A dark fantasy larp with a cohesive, yet varied set of races, deep religions, schools of magic and creatures. You are set in the town of New Liberty, 20 years after the great war and invasion. A medieval feel meets asian invasion with some naturalistic zombies, minor tech and high fantasy flavor. We were on staff for many years. Recommended for new and experienced larpers alike. Accelerant larp system.

End of Seasons – Lione 2011-2013 (rebooting fall 2014 as Crusades)
Running for over 15 years, this is one of the original larp systems. It has had many story arc campaigns over the years. A dark fantasy LARP that combines elements of intense boffer combat with conflict resolution. Players will be immersed in a world riddled with conflict and face incredible odds; thereby, making their very survival challenging and their successes all the sweeter.” We pc’d & npc’s this game and found it very entertaining.

Endgame: 2008 – 2013 – Mac Brown GM, Accellerant hybrid system. The original Post-Apocalyptic larp, started in 2008. One of the first games to use nerf guns (painted please!) and have zombies, grenades, acid bombs and a variety of humanoid aliens. Heroic Horror with a real radio station playing giving dire warnings of impending attacks (mods) and notes from loved ones separated by the disaster. Field fights, tech, mech, raves, and good roguing. Very immersive. (see detailed writeup and game blurb here)

Invictus -2013 A game of Heroic Fantasy set deep in Roman theme & mythology. With soldiers and sorcerors, merchants and mercenaries, patricians and plebeians. Looks to be a most interesting larp, and certainly one where you can wear all that centurion armor you have kicking around… Watch Troy, then play Invictus. Great staff & pc’s.

Steam & Cinders 2010 – 2013 (rebooting with a new story arc S&C2 in fall 2014) One of the original steampunk larps.
Takes place on the world of Talus where magic and technology have merged into a single entity and steam power rules the continent. The game unfolds in an out-of-the-way outpost called Iron City – a frontier town that was built around a very rich and mysterious natural mine. will rise as political entities clash over the mysteries and horrors unearthed in Iron City. We pc’d this game & found it entertaining.


Other Past Larps of Note:

Past Larps we’ve been to. I’ll see if I can scare up a more detailed blurb over winter with spare time:

Madrigal 1 & 2
CRO (various iterations)
Radiant Dragon
Prophecy 3
Exiles MASI larp
the Calling
Realm of Requiem
Lovecraft Legacies 1-3 (one shots)

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For a few years, I included *any* North American Larp on the Ultimate Larp Calendar, but it just got too confusing! Here’s a list of what used to be included thou just for interest sake. Mostly games from 2013 – 2014.

New York: Kingdoms of Novitas, Middlehaven

New Jersey: Alliance, Dystopia Rising, Realms of Adventure, Seventh Kingdom

California: Dystopia Rising, Realms of Conflict

Florida: Dystopia Rising

Kansas: Brittanis

Michigan: Alliance Traverse City, Kanar

North Carolina: Alliance Crossroads

Oklahoma: Realms

Pennsylvania: Alliance Gettysburg, Doomsday, Dystopia Rising, Eras Chronicles

Virginia/DC: Ascendant, Numina, Shards of Maggason

Washington: Dystopia Rising

Canada! Alliance Calgary

Kingdoms of Novitas – The town of Pinedale is at the heart of the Freelands and tension between neighboring countries grow as old sparks rekindle. The 7 Septon gods reign over the magical world in opposition to the Dark 3 while the Great Dragon, Draconus, slumbers peacefully between them. Creatures lurk around every corner- orcs swarm from the hills during the day while the hordes of undead reap the land of life during the night. We have not played this game, thou it is recommended.

Realms of Adventure – New Calendale has attracted a fair amount of adventurers, a popular place to restock those going on expeditions. The surrounding lands are wild and untamed. 3am-9am pause. Wide range of races some with costume requirements. We have yet to play this game, but it looks interesting & has been running a long time.

Seventh Kingdom – King Pendrakken stands at the forefront of a new age, of a new accord that has Freehold at its crux. Alliances have been made and Pacts have been sworn – what will the dawn reveal on the morrow of the Chivalric Kingdom’s horizon? Full of the beloved archetypes of race, class & kingdoms found in high fantasy. We have yet to play this game.

Shards of Maggason – A world filled with different planes of magical power, fantastical creatures and warriors. A variety of gods from the Pantheon to Dragon gods have sway in the world. Humans from a variety of kingdoms and all fantasy archetype races, plus a smattering of elementals and fey. We have yet to play this game.

Brittanis – Riding on the razor’s edge of a descent into barbarism and madness, the region known as Brittanis struggles to find its destiny. Will it collapse into brutal conflict and end in spectacular annihilation, or will the world emerge at last into a new era of peace and prosperity? An dark Arthurian world whose destiny is hidden in mysterious prophecies of ancient gods, tempered by powerful magic, and forged in bloody warfare. We have yet to play this game. It uses the Accererant system..

Realms of Conflict – a dark fantasy larp set in the world of Ith. The Talar Republic is the largest nation in Ith, comprised of mostly humans; however large numbers of Glyches, Korgahn, elves and Orcs also call Talar their home. Its republic is ruled by a noble council. Talar itself is in a state of recovery from the Age of Reckoning, in which Talar was the center of a war which took a heavy toll on the Republic. We have yet to play this game.

Alliance Gettysburg – Barran is a land of strife, war, politics, intrigue and adventure. The time is at the end of the Third Nation’s War of Barran, closing out 1000 years of conflict between the Kingdom of Islan Tel Nava and the Empire of Tel Al’Anor. Sages and mystics, have seen a new era about to begin with the war’s end. Much of the world is either trampled fallow or are wild and over grown; lost to the multitude of monsters that wish to retake what was once taken by people. An Alliance chapter founded in 2012. We have yet to play this game.

Eras Chronicles – A truly unique larp where the only playable race is human in one of the surrounding noble lands. Choose peasant, noble or artisan and you are on your way to adventure! The world seems very original with old mythological races to forest monsters, and a balanced religion.

Kanar – “Knights and Nobles and Rogues” a fantasy immersion larp with a deep history and long running story set in the land of Ilvaresh. With plenty of races and nations to choose from, it is similar in feel to an old school larp and welcoming new players. We have yet to play this game.

Middlehaven is a world of elves, orcs, humans, a race of wolves, cats, and magical assassins. Middlehaven is the jewel amidst barbaric lands, the home of hearty adventurers and skilled craftsmen. The country was set free from its corrupt Soldarian governors by Warrick Stormreach after the fall of the Imperium. Ever since then the Stormreach line has ruled the kingdom with a just and even hand. We have yet to play the game, but it looks intriguing.

Doomsday – Human, mech, mutant & alien. For nearly 500 years, humanity ruled the galaxy. Then came a century of war with a mysterious race from beyond the borders of the Milky Way, the Exiles. The machines abandoned humans and turned war on them, then mysteriously stopped fighting… We have yet to play this game, but it seems to be interesting.

The Prophecy Returns – Before the emergence of Gods, there were only humans; history tells us that a man by the name of Fujian Mao foresaw the fate of the world in a vision. He foresaw a great evil descending upon the Earth, an evil which would ultimately see its destruction. A dark fantasy larp. We have yet to play.

Requiem Larp – Our game takes place upon the world of Nexus. Nexus is a very dangerous place where your ability to wield the forces of magic, faith, steel and technology may decide your fate. The Age of Conflict is upon us and many races are on the brink of extinction. Nearly all civilizations have fallen to ruin, entire continents have been destroyed or disappeared, the gods have all awakened and Undead and Demons roam the land in vast armies. To survive in this world you must gain allies and hone your skills. Based in a mythical world with elements of magic and limited technology. We haven’t yet played this game.

After the Fall – warbots have destroyed much of humanity and the swarms of bugs still remain. Those left in Oasis must find a way to combat them and survive in this post-apocalyptic horror game. We have not yet played, but it looks interesting & very scifi horror.